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‘Mighty oaks from little acorns grow’….


The last five years have been a remarkable journey of self discovery, creativity and growth. A journey where I get to go to a place that I love everyday, whether it be either of the shops, an auction, trawling antique fairs or working with customers at workshops. No two days are ever the same and anyone who has met me will know that my mantra is ‘I may never get rich doing what I do but I am indeed ‘rich’ in so many other ways! And for that I am truly grateful.

I have a wonderful team who work tirelessly to recreate my many visions and without them Hector’s would not be possible.

I  look forward to sharing this journey with you and would love to meet you at one of our many workshops – you never know where it may lead you…

I hope you enjoy browsing the website. Do feel free to contact us should any item be of interest to you or if you require further details.

Amanda x