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Annie Sloan – “How to” Videos

The following videos show more about Annie Sloan and Chalk Paint® decorative paint with a few “How-to” guides thrown in for good measure!

Annie Sloan – The paint, the person.

Annie Sloan shows some of the things Chalk Paint® decorative paint can do.

Annie Sloan, inventor of Chalk Paint® decorative paint, at her Oxford shop.

Annie Sloan – Chalk Paint® tutorial No.1 – one-colour distressing technique with dark wax.

Annie Sloan – Chalk Paint® tutorial No.2 – two-colour distressing technique with clear wax.

Annie Sloan – Fabric tutorial No.1 – A simple trimmed edge cushion.

Annie Sloan – Fabric Tutorial No.2 – a simple curtain.

Annie Sloan – Fabric Tutorial No.3 – a Swedish blind.